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As one of our closest friends, part of our family and greatest encouragers, we would love to invite you to become an Altitude Church



Let us explain further…

In Matt 25, the Bridesmaid’s role was to help prepare the Bride and shine her lamp ready for her future with the Groom. We would be honoured if you would join us in a similar task; to help prepare and advocate Altitude Church and prepare it for God’s future plans. 

A Torch Bearer will have 2 key roles:


Unlike many church plants, we are not arriving on the island with a big team or a big bank balance. We do however have great faith and expectancy that God is going to do incredible things! Altitude Church is currently being set up as a charity, giving assurance that all financial gifts are being stewarded well.  A dedicated account is being opened for this purpose. We would be honoured if you would prayerfully consider joining us as the first financial givers towards Altitude Church. 60 people supporting us with £20 a month will be a great starting place for us to fund the planting of Altitude Church. Before we open this invitation up to this wider group of Pioneers, we would love to invite 20 of our greatest encouragers, our Torch Bearers, to join us in taking these first few steps out in advance by financial supporting Altitude Church.


The Isle of Wight has a significant number of residents who do not attend a church and have no intention or invitation to do so. We need to make sure that word gets out about Altitude not only among Christians on the Island but also generating some curiosity among those yet to believe and trust in Jesus. Furthermore, Altitude would also benefit hugely from the support from your own networks, prayerfully, financially and in further advocacy. We are asking our Torch Bearers to go ahead, spread positive news about Altitude to their friends, families, churches and further networks. We are in an age where social media has a profound influence on people’s lives. We are asking you if you would be intentional in not only following, liking and sharing our social media posts but also using your social media platforms to personally advocate Altitude throughout the year.

To become an Altitude Torch Bearer click on the torchbearer form button to fill in the form. Be part of the miracle, be part of Altitude!

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